Virtual meetings

Being aware that there are several national IGFs already active in our region, as well as undergoing plans for building few other similar initiatives, we believe that there would be value in creating a channel of communications between SEEDIG and these IGF initiatives. We would therefore very much welcome the opportunity to engage in discussions, on issues related to both SEEDIG and national IGF initiatives. We would like to discuss about experiences with national IGFs in the region, about whether SEEDIG could assist in any way in building or strengthening those initiatives, and about ways in which national IGFs could contribute to the SEEDIG process.

In order to do that, we are organizing regular virtual meetings with contact points of national IGFs.

Calendar of meetings between SEEDIG and national IGF initiatives from South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area

Virtual meeting IV: 25 September 2016 – Summary report

Virtual meeting III: 31 March 2016 – Summary report

Virtual meeting II: 29 February 2016 – Summary report

Virtual meeting I: 21 December 2015 – Summary report

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