SEEDIG Meeting Fellowship

SEEDIG 2017 Meeting Fellowship


We are pleased to announce that, building on previous years’ experience and thanks to a generous contribution from the Internet Society, SEEDIG is hereby launching a Fellowship programme, aimed to support individuals from South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area (SEE) to attend the third annual meeting (24–25 May, Ohrid).

Eligible individuals are invited to apply by filling in this form.


[NEW] Current programme status

The following individuals have been selected to be part of the inaugural SEEDIG Meeting Fellowship programme, to be held in the context of the third SEEDIG annual meeting (24–25 May, Ohrid).

  • Andra Bucur, Romania (government)
  • Andreea Rusu, Romania (civil society)
  • Andreea-Maria Tîrziu, Romania (Academia)
  • Anesa Agović, Bosnia and Herzegovina (civil society)
  • Belma Kučukalić, Bosnia and Herzegovina (civil society)
  • Cătălin Vrabie, Romania (academia)
  • Domen Savič, Slovenia (civil society)
  • Fotjon Kosta, Albania (government)
  • Lia Gubashvili, Georgia (private sector)
  • Marija Blagojević, Serbia (civil society)
  • Mzia Gogilashvili, Georgia (government)
  • Nenad Marinković, Serbia (civil society)
  • Olga Kyryliuk, Ukraine (civil society)
  • Su Sonia Herring, Turkey (civil society)
  • Ucha Seturi, Georgia (private sector)
  • Vladimer Svanadze, Georgia (civil society)
About the Fellowship programme

The SEEDIG Meeting Fellowship programme is aimed at contributing to achieving the initiative’s overall objectives. In particular, the programme is intended to:

  • Support SEEDIG’s efforts to develop the capacity of regional stakeholders to actively participate in national, regional, and international Internet governance processes.
  • Diversify and consolidate the SEEDIG community, by giving more individuals from the region the possibility to attend the annual meeting, and to get involved in inter-sessional activities.

Selected fellows will be provided with full or partial financial support for attending the annual meeting. This support covers travel and/or accommodation expenses, but does NOT include a stipend, reimbursements for visa fees, local transportation, or any other costs. Lunches, coffee breaks, and social events will be covered as part of the SEEDIG overall programme.

Fellows are expected to engage prior to, during, and after the SEEDIG meeting with the Fellowship programme coordinators, their selected peers, and any mentors they might be assigned with, as well as to actively contribute to SEEDIG activities. More specifically, fellows could be asked to:

  • Attend and actively participate in online preparatory meetings, to be held before the SEEDIG meeting.
  • Contribute to SEEDIG inter-sessional activities, both prior to and after the annual meeting.
  • Contribute to the planning process for the SEEDIG meeting, by acting as members of sessions organising teams.
  • Act as rapporteurs and/or online moderators for sessions included in the SEEDIG programme.
  • Actively participate in other activities specifically designed for them during the meeting.
Eligibility criteria

The Fellowship programme is open to individuals from any stakeholder group: civil society, academia, government, technical community, private sector, and intergovernmental organisations.

In order to be considered for the Fellowship programme, a candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Is originally from, or resides in a country in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area.
  • Demonstrates a strong interest in Internet and digital policy related issues and processes.
  • Submits an expression of interest, via the form indicated above.

Please note that the entire meeting will be held in English, with no interpretation in any languages. Therefore, applicants should have a good command of English.

Review and selection

Submitted applications are reviewed by SEEDIG’s executive committee. Input might also be provided by SEEDIG’s supporting organisations.

The selection of applicants to be granted with the fellowship will be made on the basis of the submitted expressions of interest, and taking into account the need to achieve a diversity of participants, in terms of:

  • geography (countries represented);
  • stakeholder groups represented;
  • gender and age balance;
  • balance between newcomers (individuals who have not previously participated in SEEDIG or other Internet governance processes) and experienced participants (individuals who have been previously involved in such processes).

Preference may be given to applicants who only require partial funding (i.e. a request to cover only the travel cost or the cost of accommodation).

Travel and/or accommodation arrangements

Selected fellows will be contacted by SEEDIG’s executive committee with further details concerning travel and accommodation arrangements.

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