SEEDIG community

The SEEDIG process is planned and run in a bottom-up, open, inclusive, and transparent manner, by the SEEDIG community – a multistakeholder community open to all individuals and entities who are interested in contributing to this process and who represent one of the following stakeholder groups:

  • civil society
  • academia
  • private sector
  • technical community
  • governments
  • intergorvernmental organisations

While the SEEDIG community is mainly composed of stakeholders from South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area (SEE), it is also open to stakeholders from beyond this region. Membership of the SEEDIG community is determined by voluntary participation in the designated public and open mailing list, and/or by participation in SEEDIG activities.

As at end July 2017, the dedicated mailing list comprises 137 members from a total of 25 countries: 17 countries that could be considered as part of South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area (90% of all members), and eight (8) countries from beyond this region (10% of all members).

All stakeholder groups are represented :

  • civil society (47%)
  • government (18%)
  • technical community (18%)
  • academia (9%)
  • private sector (6%)
  • intergovernmental organisations (2%) 

In terms of gender representation, 52% of all members are male, and 48% female.


(Charts are based on data available at the end of July 2017.)


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