SEEDIG aims to function as a process which includes an annual meeting and the related preparatory steps, as well as inter-sessional activities (such as webinars and surveys). This process is planned and run in a bottom-up, open and transparent manner, by the SEEDIG community – a multistakeholder group of individuals from the all over the region. This group is continuously expanding and anyone interested is welcome to join at any time. Coordination of SEEDIG activities is done by an executive committee, also multistakeholder and regionally diverse.

SEEDIG does not make decisions, but it can influence those who do. The open discussions held at the annual meetings are reflected in key messages, outlining main takeaways, possible goals and proposals for future actions. These messages are then distributed at national, regional and global level. SEEDIG discussions and messages can, in turn, help inform and influence decision-making processes within governmental entities, national parliaments, companies, regional organisations, etc.

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