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The monthly summaries of Internet governance developments in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area represent one of the two components of the SEEDIG-DiploFoundation-Geneva Internet Platform initiative – Internet governance developments in SEE.

Each summary is intended to provide a monthly overview of Internet governance and digital policy developments and activities  happening in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area.

The summaries are published on the last Monday of the month, one day before the monthly IG briefing. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive them as soon as they are published.

[NEW] The June 2017 summary is now available.

Main highlights:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: An online platform is launched for reporting cases of discrimination.
  • Croatia: The European Commission gives green light to the country’s Next Generation Network Broadband Plan.
  • Moldova and Serbia: IoT labs opened in Belgrade and Chisinau.
  • Romania: Few days after the entry into force of the EU roaming tariff cut, telecom provider RCS/RDS files a request for overtax approval.
  • Serbia: Cybersecurity Nexus is launched as a platform for stakeholders to cooperate on shaping the national cybersecurity policy environment.
  • Slovenia: ARNES will implement a 4-year programme dedicated to establishing/strengthening ICT infrastructures in schools.
  • Turkey: Avea and Vodafone Turkey have been awarded a tender to deploy mobile electronic communications infrastructure in 1472 locations, within a 3-year timeframe.
  • Ukraine: Higher education standard approved for a BA in cybersecurity. BA programmes are expected to be launched for the 2017-2018 academic year.
  • This issue also includes coverage of several Internet-related events that took place in SEE and the neighbouring area over the past month.
  • A list of upcoming regional events is also part of the June issue.

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