IG Developments in SEE




SEEDIG, DiploFoundation, and the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) have launched the Internet governance developments in South Eastern Europe initiative. The main goal of this initiative is to contribute to strengthening the dialogue and exchange of information on global and regional Internet governance (IG) and digital policy issues within the SEE community.

The initiative has two components:

1. Monthly summaries of IG developments in SEE

The monthly summaries are intended to provide an overview of Internet governance and digital policy developments and activities  happening in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area.

2. SEE hub for monthly IG briefings

The SEE hub is organised in the framework of the monthly GIP Internet governance briefings (held every last Tuesday of the month). The hub, which is run from Diplo’s office in Belgrade, aims to bring together all interested stakeholders, both in-situ and online, for:

a.    following the global GIP briefing, and

b.    discussing regional implications and developments. During this second segments, participants:

i. are given an overview of the monthly summary of IG developments in SEE ;

ii. reflect on the key developments in the region;

iii. reflect on the impact/relevance of the global developments for the region.

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