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Public comment period: 1–15 September 2017

Since the creation of SEEDIG, in 2015, the executive committee has been the body entrusted with the coordination of SEEDIG activities. During SEEDIG’s three years of existence, the composition of the executive committee was established on the basis of public calls for volunteers and public endorsements, within the SEEDIG community. As SEEDIG has grown, it was determined that a proper elections mechanism for the executive committee needs to be put in place, to bring more clarity, predictability, and transparency. Hence a WG was created and tasked with defining an election mechanism.

The WG, composed of volunteers from the SEEDIG community, has produced a draft Terms of Reference (ToR) for the SEEDIG executive committee, and a public consultation is hereby launched on this draft. The draft ToR is accompanied by a WG Report, which includes a series of explanatory notes and recommendations.

The draft ToR contains provisions on the election mechanism, as well as on roles and responsibilities of the executive committee, term of office, composition, working methods and decision making.

Public consultation

[New] An online public meeting is held on 20 September 2017, from 17.00 CEST, dedicated to discussing the draft ToR. Everyone interested is invited to join. (The meeting is held via Webex. Instructions for first-time users are available.)

The public consultation period on the draft ToR was open until 15 September 2017.

Comments can be submitted in two ways:

The WG recommends that the WG Report is read before comments are made on the draft ToR.

During the public comment period, the WG is willing to hold a public online meeting to discuss any issues pertaining to its work and the proposed ToR. Should you be interested in such a meeting, please indicate so via the SEEDIG mailing list. Based on the interest expressed, a decision will be made as to whether and when to hold the meeting.

After the public comment period, the WG will review all submitted comments and prepare a second version of the ToR.


ToR (.pdf) | ToR (Google doc) | WG Report

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