Call for volunteers: Join SEE summary’s editorial team!

Every month, SEEDIG has been preparing monthly summaries of Internet governance developments in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area (SEE). The SEEDIG executive committee is now looking for volunteers to help write the monthly summaries, and bring more sustainability to the initiative.

What are the SEE summaries?

Launched in September 2016, each summary provides a monthly overview of Internet governance and digital policy developments and activities occurring in SEE. A recent survey found that the summaries were an important resource for stakeholders in the region!

Updates and events covered in the summary are structured around Internet governance baskets and/or issues, such as infrastructure, cybersecurity, human rights online, e-commerce, and digital divide. Have a look at our most recent issue, to better understand what this is all about.

What does the process involve?

Summaries have so far been prepared with the help of ad-hoc volunteers. To bring more sustainability to the initiative, the executive committee is forming an editorial team to work on a medium-to-long term basis. The editorial team will be responsible for identifying and writing about Internet governance and digital policy developments and events in SEE. The activity will be coordinated by one member of the executive committee.

Do you have what it takes?

A SEEDIG volunteer needs to have a passion for digital policy, and a desire to strengthen SEE’s position on the Internet governance map! In addition, volunteers need to be able to:

  • Cover developments and events independently of external influence, and from a neutral point of view
  • Have a very good level of English
  • Dedicate 10-12 working hours/month to the preparation of the summary
  • Commit to be part of the editorial team for a 6-9 month period
What’s in it for you?

The role offers volunteers a chance to make a difference for the region. Once you sign up:

  • You’ll first be invited to an online training session explaining the process behind the SEE summary: what makes a development/event worthwhile including in the summary, how to write about developments/events, where to look for updates, etc. The executive committee will then make a final selection for the editorial team based on the successful completion of the training.
  • Your contribution, as part of the editorial team, will be recognised in each issue of the summary, as well as on the SEEDIG website.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to be part of a key SEEDIG intersessional activity, and of the overall SEEDIG process and community.
How to apply?

Just fill in this form by 15 September 12 September. The executive committee will get in touch by 18 September.


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