What is SEEDIG?

SEEDIG stands for ‘South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance’ and it is an open, inclusive and informal space for dialogue on Internet governance issues between stakeholders from South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area.
SEEDIG is a sub-regional Internet Governance Forum initiative, and as such is listed at IGF site

SEEDIG annual meetings are organised in a bottom-up, inclusive and transparent manner, by a multistakeholder group of individuals from SEE and the neighbouring area, with support from various entities from beyond the region. SEEDIG’s first meeting was held in June 2015, in Sofia, Bulgaria; it attracted around 150 participants from all stakeholder groups and more than 15 countries in the region. The second meeting was in April 2016, in Belgrade, Serbia.

What is the purpose of SEEDIG?

SEEDIG is aimed to:
– raise awareness and promote a better understanding of Internet governance among stakeholders from South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area;
– build or strengthen the capacity of these stakeholders to actively participate in national, regional and international Internet governance processes;
– facilitate multistakeholder discussions, exchanges and collaboration on Internet-related issues that of particular concern for stakeholders in the region;
– contribute to creating linkages between the Internet governance realities in the region and the pan-European and global Internet governance processes.

How is SEEDIG related to EuroDIG and the IGF?

SEEDIG has been inspired by the IGF and EuroDIG, at is aimed at maintaining close connections with both, in line with its objective of creating synergies between local Internet governance realities (concerns, challenges, etc.) and the pan-European and global processes. In addition to benefiting from support from both the IGF and EuroDIG, SEEDIG aims to feed into these two processes.

At global level, the results of the SEEDIG discussions are conveyed to the IGF, as contributions from the SEE community. For example, the report of the SEEDIG 2015 meeting has been submitted to the IGF and is now published on the IGF website.

At European level, synergies are created between the SEEDIG and EuroDIG processes. For the 2016 cycle,the first step in this regard was represented by a joint call for issues for EuroDIG and SEEDIG, which was held between October and December 2015. This has been done both for practical reasons (being more efficient and effective for individuals to submit proposals for both processes via one single form), as well as in order to try to better understand whether there are topics that the community sees as relevant both for South Eastern Europe and for the wider Europe. Further, the SEEDIG 2016 annual meeting is viewed as a milestone in the EuroDIG preparatory process. Thus, results of the SEEDIG discussions are to be integrated into the EuroDIG session planning process and become an inclusive part of the EuroDIG programme. Specific details on how the linkages between SEEDIG and EuroDIG will be put in place are to be developed by the SEEDIG community and the EuroDIG Secretariat.

Who is SEEDIG for?

SEEDIG welcomes individuals and entities from all stakeholder groups (governments, intergovernmental organisations, civil society, academia, private sector, technical community), particularly from, but not limited to, countries in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area.

Whom do I contact for more information?

If you have any suggestions or, questions about SEEDIG, please do not hesitate to contact the SEEDIG executive committee.

History of SEEDIG
– SEEDIG 2015 was held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 3 June
– SEEDIG 2016 was held in Belgrade, Serbia on 22 April


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